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Life Cykel Cordyceps+ Liquid Double Extract

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Introducing Our Pure, Clean Energy Solution

Harness the transformative power of Cordyceps with our exceptional Double Liquid Extract. Crafted meticulously to unlock the full potential of this incredible mushroom, our product stands as the perfect gateway to a revitalized you.

The Cordyceps mushroom is revered for its remarkable benefits:

  • Elevates energy levels*
  • Enhances stamina and endurance*
  • Exhibits potent anti-aging properties*

With origins rooted in the rugged terrain of Tibet and Nepal, the Cordyceps mushroom has been an integral part of traditional Asian cultures for centuries. Now globally recognized, this mushroom boasts an impressive profile of bioactive compounds, including cordycepin and ergosterol.

Our Double Liquid Extracts are the culmination of scientific innovation and meticulous craftsmanship. Engineered within cutting-edge labs in both Australia and the USA, our unique Double Extraction process yields an unparalleled product. Alcohol-based and full spectrum, our formula utilizes both the mushroom fruiting bodies and mycelium, ensuring a comprehensive, premium-grade extract.

To further amplify its benefits, we've enriched our extract with the essence of Australian native Kakadu Plum, renowned for its unparalleled vitamin C content, surpassing all other fruits gram for gram.

Experience the transformative power of our Cordyceps Double Liquid Extract today.

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