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Mielos Botanical Terpene Infused Gummies 60-Pack

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Nature’s Fungi Fusion:  Unlock the synergistic power of premium mushrooms designed to enhance your wellness and support a resilient, balanced lifestyle. This blend features the remarkable benefits of Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, and Maitake mushrooms.

Key Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene | A-Pinene | Linalool

Linalool: Supports improved focus and memory
Limonene: May provide anti-inflammatory effects
Caryophyllene: May help relieve stress

Relax: A natural way to support your body's balance and resilience.
Sleep: A carefully crafted blend of essential ingredients designed to promote restful
sleep and overall well-being.
ACV+: Whether you're tackling a busy day or gearing up for a workout, this blend is
designed to keep you feeling revitalized and focused.

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